In order to achieve overall development of the automobile body industry, JABIA performs following activities for the purpose of contributing to the expansion of Japanese industrial economy as well as enhanced lives of Japanese citizens:

  1. Research, study and promotion of measures to rationalize automobile body industry
  2. Research, study and promotion of appropriate distribution of automobile bodies
  3. Testing and research on structure, function, etc. of automobile bodies.
  4. Standardization of regulations and standards concerning automobile body manufacturing, safety and pollution prevention.
  5. Cooperation in conducting governmental policies relating to automobile bodies
  6. Other activities necessary to achieve our objectives

Head Office

Being comprised of president, executive directors and member staff, our Head Office is in charge of overall administration of whole JABIA.
Among chief responsibilities of the head office are to promote activity plans in accordance with the decisions made at an ordinary meeting and also to deal with relevant governmental bodies such as Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport. It also provides support for small- and medium-size companies, tackles with technical and environmental problems, and serves as an executive office for eight divisions such as Bus Division and Truck Division.


JABIA is characterized by a close association among members in the same vehicle category and vehicle body which we have dealt with since our establishment, and division activities play a central part in JABIA activities.
To address common challenges such as safety, environment and logistics, each division holds study sessions, work shop training, study tours and joint testing, aiming to improve technologies and productivity, as wel as to reflect them into public administration.


Our branches were established in 1991 in order to deal with region-unique issues respectively as a representative of JABIA.
In cooperation with local administrations and relevant organizations, our branches are making efforts in pursuit for fair sales contracts and a distribution system, as well as for elimination of illegal modification vehicles, and are providing support in official approval application for the business of transporting before-registration vehicles.
Regarding issues such as a fair distribution system, we are making efforts to find solutions in cooperation with relevant organizations in the region.

Our activities

  • / Support for stable company management
  • / Request for relaxing regulations
  • / Study on safety issues
  • / Study on environmental issues
  • / Activities to eliminate illegal modification vehicles
  • / Facilitation of servicing, maintenance and repair
  • / Establishment of JABIA standards
  • / Participation in ISO standards establishment
  • / Establishment of self-regulations
  • / Examination of rear bumper, fire-resistant interior materials, etc.
  • / Providing support in official approval application for the business of transportingbefore-registration vehicles
  • /Exhibition at Tokyo Motor Show
  • /Visit to overseas automobile facilities
  • /Collection and announcement of production statistical data
  • /Issue of Auto-Body News
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