Our former body, the then Auto-Body Industries Union, was ordered to dissolve by the Organization Restriction Regulations in 1948 after the WWII. Then, we were reborn as an“Auto-Body Industries Association”. After going through a number of changes, we were renamed to “JapanAuto-Body Industries Association (JABIA)” in 1953, and in 1958 its registration system was changed from a regional association registration to an individual registration. In 1970, it was reorganized as an incorporated association under an approval of Trade and Industry Department. Meanwhile, nine branches were established nationwide starting with the Kanto Branch in 1991 aiming to further revitalize our activities.
Activities of our branches are aimed to deal with issues unique to their respective regions and are performed in a mutually complementary relationship with the Head Office as if they were wheels of a vehicle.

In February 1954, we held a competition for a design of our Membership mark. We entrusted Mr.Takeo Terada, a member of Association of Artists,or Nikakai, witha judgment and out of twenty three entries he selected the design shown left, a tire with a feather arranged, for our membership badge.

Auto-Body Industries Association was established.
Renamed to Japan Auto-Body Industries Association.
Material Division was established (as an associate member).
Re-organized to Japan Auto-Body Industries Association Inc.
Nine branches were established to become a nationwide organization.
Celebrated the JABIA’s 50th anniversary.
Moved to new office “Nihon Jidousya Kaikan”.
Celebrated the JABIA's 60th anniversary.
Shited to General Incorporated Association.
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